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Rancho San Joaquin, Irvine, CA 92612
Weather Conditions Updated at 10:26pm on 8/14/20
Sky Temperature (°F) Wind 

Visibility 10 mi.


Temp Rate °/hr.
24-hr. Change °

Max Gust 9 mph
High Temperature 92° (3:38pm)
Low Temperature 68° (6:29am)

Dew Point

Wet Bulb Temperature
Rainfall Since Midnight

24-hour Change
29.85 in. 

Cloud Base ft.
Density Altitude
Pressure Altitude
Vapor Pressure 0.65 in.
Virtual Temperature 80°

Coastal Orange County Forecast

Meteoblue NowcastMarine ForecastArea Forecast Discussion

National Temperature Extremes

Friday, Contiguous 48 United States
at Death Valley & Ocotillo Wells, CA Low: at Choteau (35 mi. WSW) & White Sulphur Springs (13 mi. N), MT  

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°F  °C

Station Statistics

Station Location and Elevation
Rancho San Joaquin, Irvine, CA  92612
Latitude: 33.663, Longitude: -117.830
Elevation: 72 Feet Above Sea Level

Station Temperature and Wind Extremes
This Month's High Temp (8/14/20)
This Month's Low Temp (8/11/20)
This Month's Peak Wind Gust mph (8/2/20)

This Year's High Temp (6/9/20)
This Year's Low Temp (2/5/20)
This Year's Peak Wind Gust: mph (1/29/20)

Record High Temp* (7/6/18)
Record Low Temp* (1/14/07)
Record Wind Gust* 47 mph (1/16/08)
Record Low Pressure*: 29.08 in. (1/21/10)
*Record for Since 3/1/2004

Solar Activity

Solar X-rays:
Geomagnetic Field:

Courtesy of n3kl.orgMt. Wilson Solar Tower Home Page
Current Weather Fronts

Current U.S. Temperatures
Moon Phase

Heating° Days (Current) 0
Monthly Heating° Days (To Date): 5
Yearly Heating° Days (To Date) 962
Cooling° Days (Current) 13
Monthly Cooling° Days (To Date) 85
Yearly Cooling° Days (To Date) 598
Wind Run (Current)  5.96 mi.
Wind Run Monthly (To Date) 159.13 mi.
Wind Run Yearly (To Date) 3479.41 mi.
Rainfall Sentinel
Last Measurable Rainfall
Monthly Rainfall (To Date)
Annual Rainfall (To Date)*
Last Year's Annual Rainfall* 15.97 in.
Normal Annual Rainfall* 13.33 in.
*Annual Rainfall is based on the California Water Year,
  which runs from October 1 through September 30.

Regional Observations

Weather Trend Graphs


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All temperatures and dew points are in degrees Fahrenheit.

Weather Hardware by Davis Instruments
Weather Software by Ambient Weather


Radar courtesy of NWS and WUnderground
Satellite courtesy of NWS
Current conditions map courtesy of Intellicast
Current Temperatures map courtesy of WeatherCentral
Local Forecast courtesy of
Wind direction image courtesy of Long Beach, WA Weather
Regional Observations courtesy of

"It's easier to try than prove it can't be done."

Bill Keene: The greatest weather and traffic reporter in Los Angeles History.
Bill Keene, KNX Traffic & Weather; KNXT Channel 2 "The Big News" Weatherman.
NY Times Salutes Bill Keene, February 29, 1988
Bill Keene honored by Daily Variety, April 18, 2000.

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XERB/Wolfman Jack

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(You knew this was coming!) Never base important decisions on this or any weather information obtained from the Internet.
This site reports weather observed at the Rancho San Joaquin village of Irvine, California.
We are not affilliated with the Rancho San Joaquin Golf Course, the Rancho San Joaquin Homeowner's Association
nor the Rancho San Joaquin Apartments.
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